We sell a variety of items to keep your pet healthy and happy. You will find several different kinds of dog and cat food that will meet your pets dietary needs. We also have a variety of flea and tick control as well as heartworm preventatives. Seven Hills also carries many products for large animals. If we don’t have something on hand we can special order certain products.

To order diets from Royal Canin, Purina and Hills from us please call (417) 725-2332 or send us an email to info@sevenhillsvetclinic.com.

Please have the following information to order:

  • The name of the diet
  • The can or bag size
  • The quantity (for canned diets the minimum order is one case)

It is best to plan ahead and order in advance to ensure you do not run out before delivery! Please allow 3-5 business days for your order to arrive.

Other items such as Flexident, Pill Pockets, specialty treats, and Yesterday’s News paper litter may also be ordered in addition to preventatives, prescriptions and pet food.

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